Photo: Mirja Majevski, courtesy of Studio17, Stavanger.

Excerpt from performance.

Reveal the Stage

2 hour performance. Dyed cotton (240x2500cm), pvc-tubes.
Performers: Šárka Benedová, Inês Duarte, Veslemøy Miranda Frengstad, Hana Gallinová, Dagny Ingebjørg Gimse, Zandee KM, Julianne Solli and Lenka Vořechovská.

One long sheet of fabric, consisting of several pieces of textile, is connected with 7 tubes in the seams, and is continuously moved by 7 dancers. They form wall partitions and different sculptural forms to reconfigure the space and call forth interaction with the audience.

Exhibition: Reveal the Stage, Studio 17, Stavanger, Norway, September 2018.