Performer: Lola Bezemer. Photo: Can Oktik.

Performer: Inna Kulazhenkova. Photo: Can Oktik.

Performer: Lola Bezemer. Photo: Can Oktik.

Performer: Maya Ichikawa. Photo: Can Oktik.

Performer: Lola Bezemer. Photo: Can Oktik.

Perfomers: Lola Bezemer, Madelyn Bullard, Maya Ichikawa, Inna Kulazhenkova, Aurélien Lepetit and Julie Mauskop.
Camera: Tanja Busking and Can Oktik. Edited by Can Oktik.

Who’s Afraid?

300 x 300 x 400 cm
performative installation
wood, wall paint, dyed cotton, wheel, performer (there’s continuously a performer with the work)

At Art Rotterdam performed by:
Lola Bezemer
Madelyn Bullard
Maya Ichikawa
Inna Kulazhenkova
Aurélien Lepetit
Julie Mauskop

The installation is made up of a large piece of fabric, dyed dark red and stretched over a wooden frame. The frame is hung with hinges to the edge of one of the three walls of a U-shaped art-fair booth. Acting like an enormous door, the canvas can turn both towards the inside of the U-shaped structure and outwards into the gallery space, creating a room enclosed on four sides or opening up to enlarge the space. The canvas is moved by continually present performers. The performers, who all come from different backgrounds, in their own way investigate their relation to the door; how the door moves; how they can move together with the door; how they as a performer can be visible or invisible for the audience and how they can direct the audience with the door.

Presented at Prospects & Concepts, Art Rotterdam, February 2017.
Made possible by Mondriaan Fund