Photo by Siim Preiman.

Photo by Kristo Sild.

Photo by Brigita Reinert.

Choreography of Walls

Choreography of Walls consists of six metal constructions on wheels. They are covered in monochrome fabrics, all dyed in a different colour. The visitors can move the compartments through the space and in this way create an infinite number of spatial and visual compositions. The constructions can for example form a long hallway, block a part of the space or create a more open structure. The fabrics hang loose around the metal constructions. When the visitor walks past or moves the constructions, the textiles move along.

six constructions of 200cm x 80cm x 250cm
Metal profiles, casters, dyed cotton, magnets, publication.

Made possible by Kilometre of Sculpture, Elmet Rakvere, EstMagnet, Agur Tr√ľkikoda and Mondriaan Fund

Presented at the exhibition Kilometre of Sculpture in Rakvere, Estonia, 2016.